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Success Story of BSN Alumnus Louis Thörig MBA | Nutricia
BSN Alumnus Louis Thörig MBA

Louis Thörig MBA | Nutricia
Year of Graduation: 1997
Industry: Food

Since 1988 students of Business School Netherlands have been using Action Learning to realise returns for their organisations by resolving challenging problems or identifying and capitalising on opportunities.

In the e-booklet ‘MBA in Action‘, alumni of diverse backgrounds describe how they experienced Action Learning and Action Research. They also concretise what Action Learning has contributed to their organisations and to them personally. This success story is about BSN Alumnus Louis Thörig MBA and the ‘Action Results’ for Nutricia.


Nutricia’s environmental policy first and foremost aimed at meeting Dutch legislation and regulation. However, the organisation failed to think about the environmental policy on a structural and corporate level. Therefore the question addressed in her study read as follows: ‘How to shift environmental policy from an operational to a strategic level?’


Environmental supervisors from two different Nutricia concerns in the Netherlands conducted numerous interviews. Amongst the interviewed people were two key figures involved in the area of marketing, strategy and service. In addition, a benchmark study encompassing environmental policies at other food companies was conducted.


Nutricia’s environmental policy consisted of simple and practical guidelines. My benchmark study focusing on environmental policies at other food concerns, showed that Campina Melkunie’s top management was greatly involved in its policy, and therefore could serve as an example for Nutricia. However, in order to implement a successful environmental policy on a strategic level, commitment of Nutricia’s senior management is essential, which unfortunately didn’t manifest. If one had to measure this (use another word as “this” could mean anything – needs to be specific) in Euros, the ballpark figure would be around EUR 250,000 – EUR 500,000.

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