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BSN Graduation 2022 Booklet

Check it out, your Graduation Booklet!

You have reached an significant milestone in your life by achieving your BSN MBA or DBA! Well deserved! We have created a special keepsake as a reminder of this special milestone. This is a Digital Graduation Booklet.

Check it out!
You have accomplished an amazing feat, and should be proud of yourself. You have grown as an individual and as a leader. It is now the officially appointed time to receive your well-deserved diploma! For some this will be on the 24 September at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus in Scheveningen, and for others this prized official document will be on its way to you, wherever you are around the globe.

As a reminder of this momentous occasion, we have created a digital Graduation Booklet, which you can treasure and keep.

Click on the image for your digital Graduation Booklet (Flipbook version)

Your digital Graduation Booklet







Download your digital Graduation Booklet in PDF

This is the try out version! After Graduation Day 2022, we will update the Graduation Booklet with the photo of you on the steps of the Kurhaus and some last minute alterations. So keep an eye on this webpage!

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Check it out, your Graduation Booklet!

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