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Conference about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in education and Nestor
The conference of Dr. Marcel Saucet about artificial intelligence in education presents problems that schools, teachers and students face every day. With the lack of attention of generation Z and difficulties for professors to teach many students, a solution was created by Dr. Saucet. This successful entrepreneur who runs the laboratory LCA innovation in 3 countries suggested a new innovative solution, called NESTOR.

Nestor tracks students who are not working and designs a path for the students. As an expert of education (he has been professor in an American University for the last 10 years), Dr. Saucet presents all stakes of education today and shows how A.I. can solve many new problems to allow students to pass their class and teacher to adapt their contents to new generation. Not only, is there a financial, which sounds very interesting for any deans who face economical challenge every day, but also, there is a humanitarian vision behind NESTOR. Indeed, with artificial intelligence, tomorrow, it will be possible to poorer countries and information from the Worlds most prestigious schools for poor countries to have cheap access to formation from world most prestigious schools.

A.I. and innovative business
The conference of Dr. Saucet about artificial intelligence and new concept of management is designed to understand how artificial intelligence has become a necessity in the 21t century to increase sales, improve brand awareness and help to solve logistic’s issues.
Dr. Saucet, who won the award of best American Business book in 2015, presents new concepts of innovation in business with A.I, (Logistics, guerrilla in HR, street marketing, buzz and viral, stealth communication, management of change), and explains why those techniques will grow faster than traditional management cases in the future.

Then, Dr. Saucet explains and demonstrates why artificial intelligence is a key success factor of every marketing operation. From a data point of view, A.I allows company to analyze and learn consumers’ behavior to anticipate changes to come.

The association of new management technics and artificial intelligence is an innovative cheap way to boost your business.

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